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The most popular blogging engine is WordPress, both the self-hosted and options. The self-hosted version allows for greatly increased functionality and theme customization.

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The Benefits of Small Business Outsourcing

The Benefits of Small Business Outsourcing

Being a small business owner can prove to be a stressful venture as I have experienced over my years of being an entrepreneur. With the ample amount of different tasks that are required of entrepreneurs on a daily basis, attempting to complete all of the tasks efficiently and within a timely manner can be too much for a single individual to have to deal with. For this sole reason I have compiled a list of tips for entrepreneurs that will provide you with the ability to learn about small business outsourcing and how you can effectively manage your employees and your own personal time.

One of the largest benefits that I have experienced from learning how to outsource online is that I have increased the amount of personal time that I have during the day. Rather than having to go home at the end of work and still be thinking and/or working on projects I have given myself the ability to leave work within the office. With the use of outsourcing I am essentially able to delegate tasks and projects to other individuals who will then complete them for me for a minimal cost. Not only does this help to increase my general personal time but it also helps to increase the productivity that my business experiences.

Considering that productivity is of the utmost importance for small business owners you are constantly looking for ways that you can increase the amount of product that you develop and/or the services that you provide. Unfortunately without an ample amount of time you may find it difficult to develop new products and services. Rather than trying to fit time into an already jam packed schedule, outsourcing will help you to have more projects completed at once. The majority of small business owners depend on themselves to complete all relevant tasks but small business outsourcing provides you with the opportunity to complete several different projects simultaneously.

As one of the most prevalent tips for entrepreneurs, learning how to outsource online will decrease your stress and help you to enjoy owning and operating a business. With the ability to send projects to other individuals and have them complete them you will not only have time to focus on other aspects of your life but you will also be provided with the opportunity to better your business as a whole. If you are like me and are looking for an efficient way to benefit from owning a small business, utilize small business outsourcing.

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With the arrival of crowdsourcing services such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, many of the boundaries you saw between your product and its fans- have instead become an opportunity to grow your products fanbase, reputation and brand while raising capital simultaneously.

Validating your product via Kickstarter has an interesting side effect that adds significant value in the early stages of growing your brands reputation. Being able to develop and refine your target market while getting a chance to ask them "would you buy this?" This practice is called validation (or validating your product), and gives you a boost in organic and reputable social media as well as gathering real-time, relevant and meaningful feedback.

PowerUp 3.0   Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane by Shai Goitein — Kickstarter

Crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are primarily meant to give small businesses and entrepreneurs an opportunity to raise the initial capital needed to get their product, service, or idea to market with just a prototype. Users and fans are able to choose from multiple levels of donation- creating a sense of personal investment and ownership of your brand.

It's always an added benefit when you can help a customer feel good when they make a purchase or investment.

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What is 'Astroturfing'?

Astroturfing is the creation of a simulated Grassroots Campaign that seeks to create the impression of legitimate buzz or interest in a product, service or idea.

This differs from normal paid article writing in that the author will typically not be posting under their own name and will typically use a pseudonym- or even multiple real and fake accounts.

An example of Astroturfing

Reddit is truly 'the front page of the Internet', and is built upon the simple concept of allowing users to share links and posts, and allowing other users to vote those links and posts up OR down. Some discussions will get heated, but for the most part- Reddit is an incredibly democratic community and is allows for open debate and conversation.

At last count there were 245,443 active subcategories or 'SubReddits' including everything from World News and US Politics to Conspiracy Theories and Social Debates about everything from Capitalism vs. Socialism to the proper method for replacing toilet paper on the roll.
There is even an entire SubReddit devoted to pictures of a man named Ian sleeping, taken by Ian's roomate beginning in October of 2011. The SubReddit is quite literally titled "PicturesofIanSleeping" and at one point had nearly 9000 active subscribers.

Today Reddit is a dominant force on the Internet, but was once a startup with zero users just like everyone else. Alexis Ohanian and the other founders were clever enough to understand the importance of 'pre-populating' the worlds largest community and immediately began work creating hundreds of fake accounts and creating conversations to make Reddit appear to have a vibrant, active and engaged user base- building massive Social Proof to the first wave of visitors to the site.

Soon afterward, Reddit took over the Internet- smashing traffic records produced previously by Slashdot, Digg, The Chive and many others on the way to becoming the front page of the Internet. If not for that initial Astroturfing campaign- some say Reddit would never have become what it is today.

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Electric Cab of Austin fan video

Check out our newest project, designed to spread the message of Electric Cab of Austin and introduce our concept of an 'all-electric taxi service in austin'. This was one of our favorite projects so far.

Troublemaker Consulting Youtube Channel

Electric Taxi Service to replace Yellow Cab in Downtown Austin

If you are looking for a new way to advertise your business, company or website or simply get great cab service, then look no further than Electric Taxi Service in Downtown Austin. Gone are the days of the boring yellow cabs, they have been around forever and they are both outdated and costly. The best new way to travel in Downtown is by traveling in a green, energy efficient electric taxi in Austin. The Electric Cab of Austin is both inexpensive to travel in and is the newest and hippest way to get where you need to go.


Not only does The Electric Taxi Service provide a great way to travel throughout Downtown Austin, but it also provides low-cost advertising for everyone. The premise is simple; the cabs are driving through Downtown Austin on a consistent basis, slap on your website, business or service information and watch your audience and customer base increase dramatically! There is no way that it cannot increase with the consistency of views your company or business will get being on one of the E-cab’s in Downtown Austin. Advertising with The Electric Taxi Service also shows a modern take on traditional advertising techniques and is viewed highly by potential consumers. Do something unique and interesting for your company, service, business or website and advertise with The Electric Taxi Service in Austin.

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